Mountain Yoga Retreat in Keystone, Colorado

Connect With Your Inner Nature

Jul 25th - 28th, 2024

4 Days / 3 Nights

Can’t make these dates? We are also running a retreat in August.

Heal Your Self, Heal The Earth

We gather at this retreat to recharge our bodies, minds and hearts. To move at a different pace so we can connect deeply with our Self and Mother Earth. To forge new relationships with the elements and the beings around us. To develop rituals and reciprocity within our daily lives. To co-create and walk in a new story of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
Outdoor Yoga Retreat Colorado



Meditation and Yoga Retreat Keystone



Hiking Yoga Retreat Colorado



Music and Yoga Retreat Colorado



Earth Care through Self Care

We will practice daily yoga, meditation and pranayama while integrating permaculture and regenerative concepts to connect with our inner landscape while exploring the landscape around us.  Workshops and activities will include hiking/walking meditation, cold water immersion, breathwork and rituals to build habits of reciprocity with the elements and Mother Earth. When we recognize that we are nature and the sacred elements live within us it becomes instinctive to treat ourselves, the Earth and all around us as sacred.

Deepening Our Connection

Going on retreat is an opportunity to step back and temporarily withdraw from our daily routines, commitments and obligations. We invite you to drop deeper into yourself and your retreat experience by observing a digital detox and silent mornings. This retreat is an opportunity to slow down, reflect and reconnect with the nature within and around you before reentering daily life with new tools, perspectives and inspiration.



Yoga Retreat Keystone Colorado Reciprocity



Nature Yoga Retreat Colorado 2024





Location and Accommodation

The Aspen House is a beautiful private residence in Keystone, Colorado featuring mountain views, a hot tub, beautiful aspen trees and a creek running through the property. The property is a short drive to many hiking trails and areas where we will be exploring nature.

This retreat is being offered with a gift-based pricing model.

Prices below reflect the hard costs of the retreat and any gifts reciprocated will honor the teachers contributions in organizing and facilitating the experience.


Bring Your Own Tent

Yoga Retreat Keystone Colorado



Per Person Total

Camping spot with
shared bathroom

Dorm Room

Dorm Room with 4 Beds

Dorm Room Keystone Retreat



Per Person Total

Four bed dorm with
shared bathroom

Double Room

Shared Room

Double Room Keystone Retreat



Per Person Total

Double room with
shared bathroom

Private Room

Sleeps 2

Master Room Keystone Retreat


$900 / $1500

Single / Double Total

King room with
attached bathroom

Master Room

Sleeps 2

King Room Keystone Retreat


$950 / $1550

Single / Double Total

Master room with
attached bathroom & bathtub

Do you have questions about the retreat or accommodation options? Contact us for more information.

Gift-Based Retreat Pricing

Retreat Costs

We are offering this program on gift-based pricing which means that the total paid to reserve your spot is to cover the costs of running the program (lodging, food, labor, supplies, travel, marketing, booking fees, etc.). Reciprocity, the act of both giving and receiving is a natural pattern and embedded into the core of our offering. We have chosen to structure the retreat in this way in order to honor the gifts we are offering and are beyond a value that can be ascribed to them. Many similar retreats would range from $800 – 3,000+ per person and our goal is to keep this retreat as accessible as possible by allowing those who can give more to support those who do not have the means to give as much at this time.

Gift Economy

One key principle of gift economy is that you cannot know the true value of what you have received until after you have received it. As such there will be an opportunity at the end of the program to offer a gift to the facilitators in exchange for organizing and facilitating the experience. Any amount that feels reflective of value you received from the experience and is accessible to your current financial circumstances is appropriate. If paying for just the costs of the retreat is appropriate to your financial situation that is welcomed as well. These gifts will allow us to continue to offer and expand these retreats and anything that is given is received in deep gratitude.

What's Included


Meals will be vegetarian unless requested otherwise and sourced from our local regenerative farm network.

Not Included

There is a shuttle that runs between the Denver airport and Keystone, view the schedule here. We will also be organizing communication for carpooling if guests are interested in traveling to the location together.


Retreat Schedule

*Schedule subject to change and weather conditions. All times are approximate.





Food Philosophy

Food is an integral part of the retreat experience and we take great care to ensure the food we serve aligns with the values we will be embodying throughout the retreat. Our food philosophy is influenced by permaculture, regenerative agriculture and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, a sister science of Yoga. We will be observing a vegetarian diet and sourcing food from our regenerative farming network highlighting local ingredients and seasonal recipes. We will offer meat/fish at one dinner for those who are interested. We work for a non-profit called Drylands Agroecology Research and will be sourcing food from our partner network of farms, Elk Run Farm pictured below. Mindful eating and presence are vital aspects of connecting with the food, farmers and the land from which it was cultivated. We will be practicing silence during breakfast as a way to nourish our bodies and give thanks to the abundance we are gifted by Mother Earth.









Retreat Facilitators

Matt Lawley


Matt’s classes focus on alignment and release in order to activate energy centers, release stuck emotions and bring awareness back to our hearts. He incorporates guitar, singing bowls and mantras into his classes as well as themes around connection to the Earth, ecosystems, elements and the nature within us. Matt is trained in Alignment-Based Hatha (500 hours) and Yin Yoga (100 hours). He has also worked at a top rated yoga retreat center in Thailand and for a non-profit yoga festival. Yoga and meditation brought him to the path of permaculture and regenerative work. His goal is to offer these practices and tools as a way to bring more people into alignment with themselves and Mother Earth.

Anthony Levy Yoga Teacher and Permaculture Designer Boulder

Anthony Levy


When we take care of ourselves, we are taking care of the Earth. That is why Anthony developed a yoga series called Earth Care through Self Care. His classes will focus on regenerating soul and soil by braiding together yogic philosophy, permaculture principles, pranayama (breath), alignment-based asana (movement), and mindfulness. Anthony Levy is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS). He completed his YTT-200 with Guru Sonia Kaur at Pura Veda Gurukulum in San Juanillo, Costa Rica in January 2022.

Jenna Moffett


Jenna is the owner and heart of Whimsical Wellness, a business dedicated to guiding others on their individual path to wellness. She believes that through our connection to food, movement, and mindfulness we can transform our reality and live a long and vibrant life. Jenna strives to create vibrant meal times that bring the community together around the table, leaving everyone feeling nourished and nurtured. Ayurveda, lovingkindness, and locally sourced/foraged foods, in collaboration with farmers; are all key ingredients in the dishes she creates. Her pathway to inspiring Earth tending is through bringing awareness to the foods we consume and how they are grown. Her mission is to flavor life with love and colorful reciprocity, a business dedicated to guiding others on their individual path to wellness. Jenna has completed a certification course in Ayurvedic Cheffing, 200 hr YTT, and has Reiki I & II attunements.

Photos of Whimsical Wellness and Food By Miranda Deblauwe


We will be offering yoga classes in the styles will include alignment-based hatha, vinyasa/flow and yin.

Yoga classes will be beginner/intermediate level and may be challenging at times but accessible for all levels. Some experience with yoga is recommended.

We will be at higher elevation which will make some physical activities more strenuous. Moderate hiking and physical abilities are recommended for hiking and other excursions. If you are unsure about participating in some of the activities then you can talk to the facilitators and stay at the retreat location if needed.

Please include any other dietary preferences, food allergies and/or sensitivities in the notes section of the booking form. We will communicate these with our chef and make sure your needs are accommodated.


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