Meet Matt

Matt Lawley is a yoga teacher and a permaculture designer who believes there is an inseparable connection between healing ourselves and our ability to care for and steward the Earth. This is reflected in the yoga classes he teaches and design work he provides. He began practicing yoga eight years ago while healing from a life-changing car accident. Yoga helped him rehab much faster than expected and soon he was feeling better than ever before. Since then yoga, meditation and breathwork have been a driving factor in his life and led him to permaculture design and regenerative work. He is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and has completed 500 hours of training in Alignment-Based Hatha through Body Temple Yoga School and 100 hours of training in Yin Yoga through Shanti Atma Yoga. He has also spent time teaching and doing marketing for a non-profit yoga festival and a yoga retreat center called Suan Sati in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Matt completed a Permaculture Design Course through Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI) and a Digital Permaculture Design Course with United Designers in 2021. He also completed an off-site internship at Elk Run Farm ran by Drylands Agroecology Research (DAR) in 2022. He is currently enrolled in a Watershed Restoration course with Zach Weiss and Water Stories. During the internship at Elk Run, Matt met Anthony and discovered their alignment of interests in yoga and permaculture. They decided to bring the two together through classes, workshops and retreats. They still work together at DAR performing regenerative installation projects in Boulder county. Matt spends most of his free time practicing yoga, exploring nature and connecting with community. He also plays music and likes to incorporate guitar, singing bowls and mantras into his classes. He is very interested in exploring the intersection of yoga, nature-immersion and regenerative living and wants to create a retreat center that highlights these teachings and how they compliment each other.
Anthony Levy Yoga Teacher and Permaculture Designer Boulder

Meet Anthony

As earth people, we have a duty to live in harmony with Pachamama. When we take care of ourselves, we are taking care of the Earth. That is why Anthony developed a yoga series called Earth Care through Self Care. At Elk Run Farm in Longmont, Colorado, Anthony guides the Elk Run community in their self care journey through “capital Y” Yoga. He helps his community regenerate soul and soil by braiding together yogic philosophy, permaculture principles, pranayama (breath), asana (movement), and mindfulness. It may seem like we are up against a lot these days, but the existence of life on Earth is a miracle. If You are possible, then anything is possible. Anthony Levy is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS). He completed his YTT-200 with Guru Sonia Kaur at Pura Veda Gurukulum in San Juanillo, Costa Rica in January 2022.

Anthony Levy is a permaculture designer with a passion for restoring the Earth through regenerative design focusing on Earthworks, Water Management Systems, Agroforestry, Silvopasture, Forest Gardening, and Rotational Grazing. He has two seasons of experience working with Drylands Agroecology Research (DAR), where he manages people and machines that transform dry, abandoned, and marginalized landscapes into lush ecosystems that benefit both humans and the natural world. In his current role with DAR, Anthony has been working on-site in the United States since February 2023, where he uses his skills in machine operation and project management to help implement regenerative designs with land steward partners. Prior to this, Anthony spent six months with Sapling, where he gained experience in skid steer and heavy equipment operation, as well as team leadership and employee training. Anthony’s passion for earthworks, water management systems, and planting trees has led him to focus on managing rotational grazing systems within Silvopasture for carbon sequestration. He completed a 72-hour permaculture design course with the Boulder PDC in August 2021 and has been working with Elk Run Farm for two seasons. Overall, Anthony Levy is a dedicated and skilled permaculture designer who is committed to restoring the health of our communities and our planet through regenerative design.

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