Fall Reset & Release: Yin Yoga + Sound Journey with Live Guitar

November 18th, 2023 - 11 Am - 1 Pm

The Little Yoga Studio

2525 Arapahoe Ave E-42, Boulder, CO 80302

Are you feeling depleted from the busyness of summer and ready to slow down with the transition of seasons? Are you ready to let go of past patterns and thoughts so you can move into the next phase with joy, ease, lightness and clarity?

Fall is a time of slowing down, going inward, getting clear on what we want and letting go of the rest. We have planted our seeds and visions during Spring, enjoyed the fruits and abundance of our hard work during Summer and now it is time to let it all go back to the Earth. When we let go of the excess and what no longer gives our lives meaning it allows us to conserve energy and begin the process of preservation for winter. This process of shedding brings clarity to what our heart desires in this life and how we are meant to serve and show up in the world.

In this 2 hour workshop we will support the process of letting go with practices of yin yoga, pranayama and reflection while being guided on a sound journey featuring live guitar, vocals, Tibetan singing bowls and more. We will focus on yin asanas and pranayama that support the lungs, large intestines and open the upper body in order to balance element of metal, related to the season of fall in Chinese Medicine. We will move slowly in this workshop to allow ourselves to fully feel our emotions, grief and sadness in letting go in order to create space for acceptance, integration and alchemization of these emotions into fuel for the Winter ahead.










Early Bird: $35 - Before Nov 3rd, 2023

Normal: $45


Matt Lawley


Matt’s classes focus on alignment and release in order to activate energy centers, release stuck emotions and bring awareness back to our hearts. He incorporates guitar, singing bowls and mantras into his classes as well as themes around connection to the Earth, ecosystems, elements and the nature within us. Matt is trained in Alignment-Based Hatha (500 hours) and Yin Yoga (100 hours). He has also worked at a top rated yoga retreat center in Thailand and for a non-profit yoga festival. Yoga and meditation brought him to the path of permaculture and regenerative work. His goal is to offer these practices and tools as a way to bring more people into alignment with themselves and Mother Earth.


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